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Creating a New World for You

Our story

Our story starts in 2008, in Hunedoara, South-Western Transylvania, near the bottom of a beautiful mountain. Growing in a historical city where it lays the most important Gothic-style secular building in Transylvania, the Hunyard Castle, and two friends decided one day to share their knowledge and dedication to Romanian man-made cultural beauties. They were two graphic designers with a rich professional background, getting involved in different projects developed by Pro Corvina Association, a non-profit organization aiming to build an integrated cultural-historical community in Transylvania and to promote the values of sustainable development. Consequently, back in 2008, the two good friends decided to push their boundaries and set up a graphic design studio to develop concepts of visual communication in order to promote Romania.

For more than 9 years, Symmetric Studios has been connected to the technology trends. And now our services are backed by our experience in business and consistent delivery of high quality products for our clients. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses and work together as an extension of their team. We are driven by our ability to design, develop and solve our clients’ needs.

Our Work

Symmetric Studios is a creative team with a focus on digital and print. We deliver results-driven solutions for start-ups, small business, corporate clients, government agencies and leading brands.

App Design & Development

Our mission is to bring ideas to life for innovators. We assist you to turn your ideas into a creative mobile app.
Our approach is always based on personal attention and one to one service.
App development is a large endeavour and Symmetric Studios, with over nine years of thorough experience, partners with its clients to deliver apps on-time and within budget.

Web Design

Our mission is to develop concepts by imagining the high-end technology into the future.
Our team creates responsive websites for every device, offering tailored designs.
We create e-commerce websites that are built to sell, and mobile websites that are engaging, interactive and measurable. We bring websites to life and WOW the world.


Our mission is to grow the client’s business, offering concepts that make the difference.
Our strategy is to produce a variety of materials using digital and offset technologies.
We are counting on quality both in our private lives and in our work. Therefore, our team guarantees a great value and friendly service, and offers free pieces of advice for its clients.

Product Display

Symmetric Studios offers solutions for innovating display products that surprise and impress.
Think outside the box!

Creative Branding

Symmetric Studios helps the client to achieve a strong brand that can create loyalty and add value.
Think outside the box!

3D Rendering

Symmetric Studios offers stunning renders of simple objects or cutaways and exploded drawings.
Think outside the box!

How we work

We listen.
We deliver: Quality, Fast Turnaround, Genuine Service and Value Money

Great concepts come from listening to our clients, then brainstorming the ideas in our team. Our joie de vivre is Simply Forward: we work with you to produce focused and valuable design which inspires your target audience.

We are pretty confident that you will love our work. Take a look and be the judge!